Abstract: The control of chemical reactor is one of the most challenging problems in control process. A Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor (CSTR) is the heart of many processes, its stable and efficient operation is important to the success of an entire process. The CSTR is one of the optional machineries available to mimic and maintain the deep sea conditions such as pressure, temperature, pH etc in the laboratory to study environmental effects. This paper presents the design of suitable conventional controller and tuning methods to optimize the system performance for a hyperbaric reactor system. In environmental CSTR the control of temperature is an absolute challenge due to strong on-line non linearity. The suitable control strategy was explored here to develop the environmental CSTR system for deep sea applications using real time on-line open loop temperature curve. The First Order Plus Dead Time (FOPDT) process model was chosen to derive transfer function from real time on-line system curve at atmospheric pressure and 310C temperature condition. Simulation and result comparison is carried out using MATLAB &SIMULINK. Different conventional controllers are examined to optimize the temperature control for environmental CSTR system. The simulation result on the environmental CSTR system is presented to show efficiency of various controllers.

Keywords: Process modeling, PI controller, PID Controller.