Abstract: Renewable energy systems are of importance since being modular, nature-friendly and domestic. This paper involves study ofmodeling and control of wind-photovoltaic-fuel cell hybrid energy system. The hybrid system consists of main components like: wind turbine,photovoltaic array, proton exchange membrane fuel cell (PEMFC), electrolyzer, boost converter, controllers and a power converter. The model for each process component is developed, and all the components are integrated in a MATLAB/Simulink environment.This kind of hybrid system is completely stand-alone, reliable and has high efficiency. Power converter and inverter are used to produce AC output power.Control scheme of fuel-cell flow controller and voltageregulatorsare based on PID controllers. Combination of PV and wind renewable sources has made the advantage of using this system in regions which have higher wind speeds in the seasons that suffers from less sunny days and vice versa. Simulation is carried for step changes in electrical load and wind speeds .Results showed that the ability of the system in adapting itself to sudden changes and new conditions.

Keywords: Wind Energy, Photovoltaic, Fuel Cell, Hybrid Energy Systems.