Abstract: Planning and scheduling and delay analysis have become an essential part of any project for the timely and economical completion of the project. A proper construction schedule can be used for different purposes. By using construction schedule to predict project completion, contractors can adjust crew size, shifts or equipment to speed or slow the progress. All the construction projects will vary from each other in size. All the projects have time constraint. Delay in completion of project will increase the overall cost of the project. Small projects can be managed efficiently manually; whereas large projects are not so large projects can be better handled by the use of computers. Many types of software are available with the help of which project management can be done easily. Large quantities of different kinds of resources are also required for execution and the risk is more in the case of projects. So planning and scheduling of activities for construction of big projects is essential. In this study, an effort is made in planning, scheduling and delay analysis updating of various activities, which is done by using MS Project and MS Excel software, manpower of each activity is determined and allocation is done using the software. Labor requirement for each activity is calculated from standards obtained from site. An updated schedule, which helps to finish the project well in time with optimum resources and update helps in delay analysis, is under the scope of this study.

Keywords: Planning, Scheduling, Delay analysis, MS Project.