Abstract: The Railway network is the world's biggest transport network. There have been many accidents occurs in the railway network system. Most of the accidents occurred due to the collision between the trains and human negligence The proposed system is used to predict that kind of collision between trains and prevents them from occurring collision and accident .Railways are the convenient, reasonable and popular node of transport in almost all major cities of not only in India but also all over the World. The major reason for railway accidents is collision of trains on the same track or near crossing. It is very difficult to stop such collisions due to speed of moving trains, which is needs a lead distance to stop. The primary goal of our train collision detection system is to identify possible train collision ahead of time and to report these to the main control room or driver before collision happens. Train Collision Avoidance System includes the microcontroller ARM Cortex TM4C123GH6PM which controls the whole operation of the system. In this the train tracks in railway network are given distinct track numbers/track ids which are read by RFID reader. If two trains are travelling on the same track then system sends SMS through GSM network to the authorized person to take appropriate action. In areas where GSM network is poor then also the system avoid collision by using RF Module. Wherever at crossing LDR sensor and microcontroller unit take appropriate action if obstacle can be observed.

Keywords: RFID Tag, RFID Reader, GSM, ARM Cortex, RF Module, android device and LDR sensor.