Abstract: This paper introduces a system, which uses the idea of Internet of Things for bringing in automation in our homes. Internet of Things or IoT is nothing but an evolved version of Internet, which includes sensors, consumer electronic devices and other embedded systems connected to it besides computers, smart phones and tablets to collect and exchange data with one another. This interaction of data is the key element behind the development of this proposed system. The system consists of different sensor modules, ubiquitous microcontroller board Arduino Mega 2560, various household electrical devices connected to the microcontroller board via the relay and a computer connected to the Internet. The sensor modules are used to find the number of persons, ambient temperature, humidity and light prevailing in a room. These values along with the user made requests are then used to control the various electrical devices connected via the relay, by the microcontroller and also conveyed to the end user on a website.

Keywords: Internet of Things, Home Automation, Arduino microcontroller board, Relay.