Abstract: Presently a day’s remote (wireless) LAN is broadly utilized as a part of many public open spaces. Wireless access points expand wired network. It gives more flexibility to the clients. One of the fundamental concerns is that of Rogue Access Points (RAP). These security threads which bring about extreme damage to hierarchical information and assets could be because of inside or outer cause. Access point could be one reason which might permit attackers to break the security of authoritative system and permit them to get to sensitive data from system. The access points deployed without clear and definite permission from network administrator are called unauthorized, fake or rogue access point. There are numerous chances of presences of RAP in LAN. Rogue Access Points (RAPs) is one of the primary security threads in current framework circumstance, if not honestly dealt with in time could lead from minor framework issues to genuine system network failure. We propose a Multi-Agent Sourcing Based Methodology, which recognizes Rogue Access Point as well as totally eliminates it. This Methodology has the going with phenomenal properties: (1) it doesn’t require any particular equipment or hardware; (2) the proposed calculation identifies and totally disposes of the RAPs from system; (3) it provides a cost-effective solution. The proposed procedure can block RAPs and also remove them from the systems.

Keywords: WLAN, RAP, Multi-Agent Source.