Abstract: Refrigerator is one of the home appliances operating on vapour compression cycle in its process. Performance of the system becomes the main issue and many researches are still going on to evaluate and improve the performance of any used system. The main objective of this experimental investigation is to enhance the heat rejection rate of the condenser by incorporating axial fan with maximum speed of 4.6m/s at the bottom of condenser tube and the performance is analysed by natural and forced convection condenser under varying mass flow rate of air and refrigerant (R134a). Results of experimentation revealed that Heat rejection rate of forced convection condenser increased by 36.5% and COP is improved up to 33.43%. The performance of system is also evaluated by multiple linear regression analysis and a mathematical model is developed for both natural and forced convection to computed predicted COP.

Keywords: Refrigerator- COP Enhancement of Household Refrigerator Condenser Multiple linear regression.