Abstract: In machining heat is generated during machining operation which affects tool life and tool wear. In this study cutting tool temperature is determined during internal turning process at different levels of cutting parameters. For temperature measurement IR pyrometers is used during machining process. IR pyrometer is non-contact high temperature measurement type of instrument. Finite element simulation of cutting tool insert is done in this study to find out temperature distribution on cutting tool. In this study, the temperature distribution on cutting tool insert during internal turning process was found with the help of finite element analysis. FEA is carried out by using ANSYS workbench 15. In this study experimental results and FEA results are compared and their percentage difference is not more than 10%. Regression analysis is done to find out mathematical expression for cutting tool temperature. From this regression equation cutting tool temperature is calculated at different parameters. By changing the levels of cutting parameters, work piece material, tool materials and at different ambient conditions, cutting tool temperature is calculated.

Keywords: FEA, Internal Turning Process, IR pyrometer.