Abstract: Intelligent Environments mark out physical environments in which sensor networks are used to assemble information of the surroundings in which we live. Which deals with the design and implementation of environment sensing system based on Arduino and ZigBee using embedded controlled sensor network (ECSN). Sensor networks are compact wireless networks of small, low-cost sensors, which collect and spreads environmental data. So called intelligent environment as it helps inhabitants to automate task components. They have applications in a variety of fields such as environmental monitoring, military purposes and gathering sensing information in inhospitable locations. In the proposed system Arduino based controller and wireless sensors are used to control various parameters of home and are networked to monitor the information regarding the home environment using ZigBee and Visual Basic06. Using Visual Basic06 the various parameters are displayed on GUI panel and also parameters versus time graph is plotted. This paper presents an idea of low cost and less power consuming smart home system. This system is flexible and controlled by user friendly Embedded System. Purpose of system to enhance ordinary life and automate non living things.

Keywords: Intelligent Environments, ZigBee, Arduino, Visual Basic06, ECSN.