Abstract: In this paper, the wear behavior of Aluminium Metal Matrix Composite with Silicon Carbide used for Brake Pads under Dry Friction Condition is to be studied. The percentage of silicon carbide is varies from 4 to 13 in four steps. The tribological behavior of composites was investigated by pin on disc apparatus. Percentage reinforcement, load, sliding speed and sliding distance were taken as the process variable. The parameters are set for different levels and in optimum possible combination by Taguchi experimentation design array. Wear rate is obtained as a response of experimentation and then further analyzed in design expert software. Parametric relation is developed in the form of equation for each material composition. At the end all three materials are compared on the basis of wear rate and coefficient of friction. As graphical representation is the most user friendly way of interpretation of statistical data, three-dimensional graphs comparing wear rate of all three materials simultaneously under the influence of individual parameters namely load, sliding distance and sliding velocity are given in results. Conclusions of the present work are, as load and sliding distance increases wear rate also increase, and as the velocity of sliding increases wear rate slightly decrease. Material composition is the major factor influencing the wear rate of brake pad, as the wear rate of all four material are different which is shown in paper in tabulated form. The increase in percentage of silicon carbide increases the wear resistance.

Keywords: wear rate, aluminium metal matrix, SiC, pin on disc apparatus, and design expert software.