Abstract: Now a day, noise pollution is not a new problem for common man, especially in most of the industrial towns and metropolitans cities. Noise pollution means any sound that is undesired by the recipient. The effect of sound on human depends upon its frequency. Human ear are known to be sensitive to an extremely wide range of intensity varied from 0 to 180 dB. The noise is generated by the human through various ways. In present research article, various sources of noise pollution, measurement of noise, dB scale, equipments used in the measurement of noise levels, impacts of noise, adverse health effects of noise pollution, control of indoor noise, control technologies available for noise pollution and Indian penal codes to prevent noise pollution are the main points of focus of attention. Noise must be controlled and prevented by using various effective techniques at the source itself is today’s need. The objective of this work is to know about the various ways of generation of noise, their effects on human, its prevention and control.

Keywords: Noise Pollution, Hypertension, Prevention, Human being, dB scale, Impacts of noise.