Abstract: Tricycle is a vehicle with three wheels. Peoples are not using conventional bicycle in modern era because everyone loves sophistication and comfort. Considering all the facts and need we are coming with one sophisticated design which is having comfort, ease, stability, reliability and competence. This tricycle is a combination of ergonomics and aesthetic, but the question rises that all the tricycle are having this features then, what makes it different? Some special arrangements are there which will revolutionise the tricycle. This tricycle is having length manager, adjustable handle, suspension, front and rear steering. We had enjoyed conventional tricycle with front wheel steering but this tricycle having rear wheel steering also, which makes sharp turns and u-turns motile. Eventually the front and rear steering provides maneuverability and turning capabilities. Last but not least if possible then we will convert it into electrical tricycle to make the cake more tasty.

Keywords: Tricycle, Pollution, Transportation, Rear steering.