Abstract: The aim of project is to design different types of inlet manifolds for the Internal Combustion Engine in order to create the turbulence by swirl. A good swirl promotes the fast combustion and improves the efficiency. The engine should run at low speeds in order to have low mechanical losses and fast combustion, enabling good combustion efficiency. Therefore to produce high turbulence prior to combustion within the cylinder, swirl induced by the inlet channel within the cylinder head will be helpful. In view this, experimental investigation has been carried out to find the effect of swirl on the performance of the engine as well as on its emissions, by inducing swirl with different inlet manifolds having helical, spiral and helical-spiral shapes. Detailed analysis has been carried out and discussion on the experimental results is presented in this project work. At the outset, it is inferred that, the helical-spiral inlet manifold gives better performance and yields less emissions compared to spiral, helical and normal inlet manifolds.

Keywords: Manifold, Helical-spiral shapes.