Abstract: Pesticides make up one essential segment of the agro-business complex which is so vital to the future development of countries such as India. There are various sources to manufacture of pesticides, which may be natural or synthetic in nature. Here the “Custard apple (Annona Squamosa)” seeds acts one of the natural source of pesticide. The oil is extracted from these seeds by using solvents like hexane or methanol and is analyzed for contain of pesticide ingredient on the basis of past data collected then, during the test of GC we found some other components in our extracted oil sample With some insecticidal properties. Also some possible physical and chemical properties tested and determined at laboratory level. Along with this, other studies objected for formulation, improvement of properties of oil extracted as pesticide. Also the other studies include for provision of this extracted oil as natural pesticide or biochemical pesticide. This natural pesticide can also be produced from other parts of clustered apple plant.

Keywords: custard apple seeds, extraction, formulation, properties, modifications and improvements.