Abstract: The disposal of human waste is a very big problem in high altitude areas. In non-glacier regions the waste is collected and used as fertilizer in the field. Incineration and chemical treatment of human waste has also been attempted to overcome the problem. However, all these methods are either unhygienic or not practically viable alternatives. Biological treatment on the micro-organisms, freezing of the substrate, non-availability of conventional energy sources and hilly terrains are some of the hurdles which need to be solving to make the process practically possible.The Bio-Toilet provided in railway. It secured the environment and make eco-Friendly. The aesthetic appearance of track should be good and nuisance from the human excreta on the track can be eliminated. The corrosion caused by the fecal matter can be minimized by using bio-toilet.By using bio-toilet we can purify the solid waste into the pure water by means of chlorination tank. We can be utilized this water for washing of track and bogies and the remaining sludge can be used as fertilizer for agriculture purpose. So this bio-toilet is very useful and essential for Indian Railways.

Keywords: Bio- Toilet, Human Waste Disposal, Indian Rail Toilet, Automatic Waste Disposal, Waste Processing.