Abstract: Environmental protection has been in focus for many years especially in industries and clean water is scarce in many places. Waste water treatment issues are becoming increasingly important for pulp and paper industry, as it requires an extensive amount of water and production of different kind of waste water. Treatment of this waste water can be carried out by using air bubbling column. This technique is economical and cost saving and also energy efficient. By using this method various parameters like pH, chemical oxygen demand (COD), biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) can be reduced. Present study deals with the use of an Air Bubble Column reactor for treatment of paper and pulp industry waste water. It is observed that colour of waste water changes from blackish to whitish and parameters like PH, TS, TDS, and TSS were reduced. COD reduced from 840 mg/l to 200 mg/l and BOD from 546 mg/l to 98 mg/l.

Keywords: Air Bubble column Reactor, effect on various parameters like PH, TS, TDS, TSS; COD, BOD.