Abstract: This paper mainly used to monitoring the Wireless Earthquake alarm design using MEMS accelerometer. Earthquake is a vibration transmitted in the earth crust .Most of the naturally occurring earthquake are caused by Earth plate movement. In 1997, The idea gave rise to numerous argument and researches. Perhaps it is because earthquake breaks out in the inner part of the earth. It is impossible to the directly obtain the observational data and together with other complex factor. The process of research is very slow .but it still attracted a lot of scientists and scholars to study. Conventional earthquake detection device And system utilize a vibrometer in a magnetic-electric sensor, or pick-up unit. These device and system may involve complicated circuitry and it may be expensive. some experts have put forwards a design method for the Earthquakes Warming system. The model could theoretically simulate and be used to predict the probability of strong earthquake that could occur anywhere at any time. In order to mitigate earthquake disaster caused by the structure of building, the strong motion observation is the most important means to scientific understanding of above problem. Earthquake alarm researched in this paper was based on the strong motion observation theory adopted MEMS accelerometer and wireless transmission technology, was more advanced and practical device.

Keywords: Earthquake, EEW, ADXL335, ATmega328p, XBeeS2.