Abstract: Security has been becoming an important issue everywhere. Every person wants his home, industry; bank etc to be secured Home security is becoming necessary. Now days as the possibilities of intrusion are increasing day by day. In this paper, home security system has been designed that has a special feature and which make a dial with the owner of the house to inform him that his house has been hacked. Arduino card was used, which is considered one of the modern programmable device and utilize from speed dial function in mobile phone. Here, our application uses Arduino as itís controller. This paper aims to develop a home security system using PIR sensor & Magnetic sensor, LM35 [Temperature sensor], data from all these sensors is continuously received and processed by Arduino UNO board which act as microcontroller unit. A low power passive infrared i.e PIR detectors take advantage of pyro-electricity to detect a human body that is a constant source of infrared radiation, while magnetic sensor works to detect intrusion through doors & windows. The temperature sensor LM35 is use to prevent fire accident by detecting the increase in temperature beyond a certain limit thus the system ensures home safety as well as security.

Keywords: PIR Sensor, Magnetic Sensor, LM35, GSM, Arduino UNO.