Abstract: One of the main disadvantages in constructing house is high cost of the building. High cost of primary requirements for constructing the houses in places on where people are under poverty line, is forming one of the most significant problems of people. On the other hand , urbanization growth will increase rubbish especially non-renewable ones. Rubbish as required materials for building constructions and also providing comfortable situation and suitable thermal for building residents. Plastic bottle is considered as a urban junk with sustainability characteristic which can be used as a material instead of some conventional material such as brick in building in construction. This paper intends to investigate the application of plastic bottles as one of the urban wastage in buildings construction and that how it can lead to sustainable development. At the end , it concluded that in different factors such as time of execution, cost, load capacity, flexibility reducing waste and energy efficiency, plastic bottle can be more effective compared to some conventional building materials such as brick, concrete and ceramic block.

Keywords: Plastic bottle, sustainable material, sustainable development, urban wastage, construction.