Abstract: We face Challenges and for developing countries like India, china, etc. The major problem they are suffering is the disposal of plastic waste and establishing a road network which is economical and durable with the help of this presentation we are trying to introduce various ways in which plastic can be utilized and since our project is mainly focusing on plastic roads we have also explained various steps to be followed for using plastic in roads. With the help of this technology a major problem of disposal of plastics waste can be solved at the same time, using plastic in roads increases the strength and durability of roads, On the other hand it is economic pollution free and safe. Plastic technology has a wide range of scope. Since this can be used in cloth making, Rail Sleepers and also plastic can be used as construction material and if plastic roads are brought into regular practice this will increase the demand of transportation engineer who are aware of this technology. Increasing demand of plastics will also enhance the work of plastics pickers, hence solving the problem of employment. The Question frequently arising in my mind is when this technology has proved to be economical, durable and safe then why it is not brought into regular practice???? So In my opinion this technology must be adopted for the fast growth of our road networks.

Keywords: Plastic Waste, Bitumen, Aggregate, Plastic Roads.