Abstract: The Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) technology is a leading-edge biological solution for wastewater treatment, based on a core understanding of microbiology and treatment processes. This simple and strong biological treatment process is suitable for specific wastewater treatment processes nitrogen reduction, high BOD/COD removal, including difficult industrial wastewater requirements. At the core of the technology, specially designed polyethylene biofilm carriers provide a large surface area for micro-organisms to grow on and perform specific biological treatment functions. Carriers are kept in suspension in the reactor either by the aeration system (aerobic zone) or mixers (anoxic zone). Bacteria from the wastewater attach themselves to the floating carriers. The very compact configuration helps to attain a highly active biomass concentration in the reactor and a low settling load in the downstream solids separation process. Biofilm wastewater treatment technologies are very strong, especially when compared to conventional technologies like activated sludge.

Keywords: Wastewater, biological treatment, biofilm reactor.