Abstract: Disposal of non bio-degradable substance has become an issue of major concern now a days. Mounds of plastic garbage has been created on earth surface. Laterite quarry waste is abundantly available and disposal of waste plastics (PET, PP, etc) is the biggest challenge. Only one in six plastic bottles are properly recycled .On other hand high cost of primary requirement for constructing the houses in places on where people are under poverty line is forming one of most significant problems of people. A suitable approach for this situation is using some part of urban rubbish or waste as required materials for building construction .Plastic bottle is considered as urban junk .but with sustainability characteristic it can be used as construction material instead of some conventional material such as brick in building construction. The paper intends to investigate the application of plastic bottles which is one of the urban waste in building construction and that how it can lead to sustainable development .It also mentions some ways for self standing and insulating them in thermal and sound point of view and some positive points which this material have versus others.

Keywords: Plastic Bottle, Sustainable Material, Construction material, Innovative wall.