Abstract: This dissertation mainly concentrates on recommending the user who wishes to travel throughout the world. As people will consider many of travelling websites before they travel for the particular place. These website consists of huge number of reviews posted by the person who had been visited that place already. On considering travel recommendations from multiple websites posted by several users, user could not predict the best results and come into conclusion based on their suggestion. So the existing system works on analysing the travel recommendation using location filtering model. The location filtering model employs on suggesting travel packages by considering the factors such as POI, Tag, City, Topic content. But it could not produce the exact results because it does not consider multiple point of interest. In proposed system, travel package is recommended by considering multiple point of interest and route optimization technique. Here the route optimization technique produces the result by computing package ranking similarity, routing ranking similarity and package size similarity. This three similarity value plays a major role in best recommendation system.

Keywords: GTAG, LBSN, POIs, TBHG, Greedy