Abstract: Automotive maintenance is one of the major parameter for keeping its life span. It includes mainly changed the punctured tire, has been always a difficult task. Every automotive manufacture provides tools such as L wrench and jack, but still using these tools requires skilled person. With the increment of the number of passenger cars on the road, the number of carís problem due to tire failure has increased. Often, the car is provided with tire wheel nuts remover and jack for instance spare tire replacement. Many passenger cars, SUV and heavy vehicles accessories manufacturer concentrates on producing wheel nut puller using a single tool to lose the nut one by one. Main problem they have still faced is longer time consumption and tedious work to do skilled worker. Therefore, it is crucial to have a tool that should be designed ergonomically, easy to handle, lightweight, requires small space and can perform a similar task in one time. In 2006, a tire nut removal with 114 pitch circle diameter has been developed to replace T-nut wrench. This tool can open four nuts in one time and the force utilization has been reduced. It will help the car owner to overcome the difficulty of tire replacement. Author already design, manufactured and tested, 5 in 1 nut remover with Pitch circle Diameter (PCD) 114.3mm with assistance of CATIA V5 and simulation by ANSYS 14.5. Testing also proved that all wheel nut removers could efficiently remove all nut simultaneously in 9 sec. All the cars having PCD 114.3 mm with five nuts can use this tool. This paper extending the previous worked done by author and focus on design, development and simulation work on six nuts wheel remover for automotive like Chevrolet Tavera, Land cruser, Fortuner, Pajero etc.

Keywords: Automotive, 6 in 1 All-wheel Nut, Remover, Gear Design, Modelling.