Abstract: Recently our world is facing energy crisis problem due to lack of fossil fuels like diesel, petrol etc. The available fossil fuels will supply energy up to maximum 25 years. So world is trying to find out another alternative which are available at least cost, easily available and energy obtained from new one is equivalent to that of fossil fuel. Also fossil fuel has a lot of pollution related problem. So the fuel which we are going to use to run the gasifier has a less pollution problem as compared to fossil fuel. So wood gasifier is a miracle which overcome all problems related with fossil fuel like limited energy storage, pollution effects etc. In simple words wood gasifier is producing producer gas which is equivalent to energy production using diesel and having calorific value in between 8000 to 10000 KJ/K. Gasifier consist of reactor, cyclone filter, wet scrubber, cotton filter, blower, blower to engine intake manifold gas carrying pipe. Hence we are going to use agro-waste as a fuel like ground-nut shells, rice husk, corns, cobs, baggage etc. which in turns run the pump of 3 to 5 HP which is affordable at least price to common farmer.

Keywords: Fossil fuel, wood gasifier, rice husk, baggage, irrigation.