Abstract: Objective of this work is design and modification in vapour liquid separator (VLS) used in distillery plant. The study of distillery wastewater consists of different types of wastewater from different sources and zero discharge system of distillery. Then study of membrane technology is done, which is used for purification of distillery wastewater. This study describes types of membrane, membrane modules, types of membrane techniques, and also effect of membrane bioreactors which are helpful for treatment of distillery wastewater. Membrane distillation technology is more costly, less efficient and requires frequent maintenance. By making changes in design of vapour liquid separator (VLS) wall thickness and modifying shape of the same system gives sufficient allowable design stresses. These results are validated using ANSYS software and objectives of this work are obtained.

Keywords: Distillation process, vapour, VLS, wall thickness, stresses, vessel, etc…..