Abstract: It is important to decide whether compressor is capable to take load or not. So for proper working of compressor lubrication system must be consistent in performance. To achieve such type of lubrication system we have to optimize lubrication parameters and factors contributing in lubrication. In hermetic compressor the selection of oil type, oil quantity, fit between bearing and shaft, material pair (shaft material), oil viscosity etc. are very important. The problem is occurred while selecting these parameters because these parameters are selected on the basis of trial and error method. There is no exact method to know which parameter has to be selected in order to get optimized performance of compressor. Thatís why we have to develop such methodology which will overcome above problem. In particular the methodology will be developed for best selection of tribological parameter for hermetic reciprocating compressor .This will overcome trial and error approach & it will give optimum tribological parameters.

Keywords: Reciprocating Compressor, Tribological Parameters, Tare Test, Best Selection, Methodology.