Abstract: Pareto Optimization in an integrated management approach aims to continuously improve the performance of student’s expectations in technical institute & in turn institutes gain in reputation & quality education is the main em-phasis of this paper. To accomplish this objective, some of the key factors that contribute to the success of technical institutes efforts are identified. These key factors are here termed as critical success factors (CSFs). The purpose of the present study is to identify and propose a list of “vital few” by using lean technology tool of Kaizen for the benefit of technical institute practitioners. A quality tool “Pareto analysis optimization” is used to sort and arrange the CSFs according to the order of criticality. A few vital CSFs are identified and reported. The results of this study will help in successful implementation of TQM program in technical institute where continuous drop in attendance of students are being reported & each work are presented in the end of the paper

Keywords: Pareto Optimization; critical success factors (CSFs); top-management commitment; Pareto analysis; technical insti-tute.