Abstract: The die is an important factor in the success of the drawing process. The influences of the die angle, reduction, aspect ratio of the die, interfacial friction and drawing velocity on the die geometry are studied. The study of die geometry is vital in determining the surface and mechanical properties of drawn wires, and consequently, their application. Drawing of wires is a well-known process and several manuscripts are recognizable looking at the scientific literature. Nevertheless many information are available from a mechanical point of view, today new needs related to process sustainability push toward a process redesign taking into account different criteria. Various factors affects the life of the die which includes drawing force, lubricant used, coolant used, preprocessing of wire rod, semi angle of die, die geometry, die material, die wear, material thinning and damage are considered building an optimization problem in which we can decide the role of each criterion in the operative scenario.

Keywords: Semi Die Angle, Tribology, Hardness, Wear, Friction.