Abstract: The most sensitive feature of the sheet metal forming is the elastic recovery during unloading, called spring back. Spring-back is a critical phenomenon which is caused by the elastic redistribution of the internal stresses after the removal of deforming forces. The spring back is affected by the factors such as sheet thickness, material properties, tooling geometry etc. In this paper the finite element analysis followed by the experimental validation is done to evaluate the spring back effect. The model of the bracket is modelled using solid works & further analysis is carried out using ANSYS. This paper highlights the effective use of finite element analysis technique to analyse the spring back effect in the sheet metal forming operation so as to maintain the correct die valley angle by considering the spring back effect. Various parameters such as die valley angle, punch nose radius, depth of deformation etc. are considered to evaluate the spring back effect.

Keywords: Spring back, Sheet metal, Forming, Elastic Deformation.