Abstract: Casting is a manufacturing process, which is used directly or indirectly in almost every industry. It is a primary manufacturing process and has its effect on the properties of the resultant product. In this era there is a demand to innovate processes, which can reduce lead-time, reduce cost of production without compromising with the quality of the products and reduce ill effects on environment. Magnetic mould for casting (MMC) is an innovative process having a great potential to replace conventional casting methods due to various advantages associated with it. The setup of magnetic mould casting includes winding of copper wire such that it behaves like a solenoid with hollow cavity in which actual casting process is to be carried out. For making mould two cylinders are used, copper winding is done to outer cylinder and current is allowed to pass through the wire, this results in generation of magnetic field inside the cylinder. Ferrous powder is used as moulding material and thermocol as pattern material. The molten metal when poured, it replaces the pattern and takes its shape and once solidified it can be easily taken out of the mould. Magnetic mould casting reduces the time consumed for sand preparation, mould making and knocking required for casting removal by completely replacing sand with ferrous powder and use of magnetism. The process is eco-friendly as it eliminates the use of sand, successfully reduces the overall process time for casting and results in better properties too.

Keywords: Magnetic Mould, Sand casting, ferrous powder, Time study, Properties.