Abstract: surface quality is one of the prime requirements of customers for machined parts. the present work deals with the study of effect of cutting parameters on surface hardness of mild steel (m.s.) is-2062 grade-a in cnc turning under conventional cooling condition. taguchi method has been employed in the optimization of cutting parameters- such as speed, feed and depth of cut. the turning experiments under conventional cooling were planned as per taguchiís l9 orthogonal array (o.a.) which is designed with three levels of turning parameters. signal to noise (s/n ratios) were calculated to determine the optimal parameter levels and obtain the level of importance of the cutting parameters, respectively. validation tests with optimal levels of parameters were performed to demonstrate the effectiveness of taguchi optimization. the optimization results revealed that depth of cut plays important role in maximizing the hardness.

Keywords: CNC Turning, Optimization, Orthogonal Array, Surface Hardness, Taguchi.