Abstract: Since last few decades, airoplanes have become the most prominent way of transportation even within countries. The most advanced form of these planes was Concorde which has given people an experience of travelling at a speed of sound in 1969, which lasted till 2003. Plane titled Concorde-2 was patented in USA by an airbus group company, which had claimed plane's speed to be four times speed of sound. This next version of plane seems to double that experience & excitement too. Concorde-2 will take people to an ultimate speed ever attained by an aircraft hence called as 'Ultra Sonic Airplane'. This Ultrasonic speed has made Journey from New York to London possible in just an Hour! This Significant reduction in time have also costed in reduction of passengers from 100 to 20 as compared to previous Concorde. Now whole world is excited to travel at this speed with Concorde-2 & most awaited for flying at a speed four times that of sound.

Keywords: Concorde, Fuselage, Mach, Ultrasonic.