Abstract: Agriculture in India is unique in itscharacteristics, where over 250 different crops are cultivated in its varied agro-climatic regions, unlike 2 5 to 30 crops grown in many of the developed nations of the world. Soil filtering is done so as to remove stones from farm which are not intended for farming operations. Also, soil filtering for harvesting potatoes is a major activity that involves digging potatoes from farms i.e. harvesting after they are fully grown. It can also be used for harvesting various crops, mainly potatoes, turmeric, ginger, etc. Potato is considered as one of the most important vegetable crops in India. Potato is cultivated for self-consumption and also f or commercial purposes. Potato harvesting as of today in the country is lab our intensive and tedious. Most Indian farmers harvest potato manually. Mechanization of potato harvesting by machine especially by tractor in large area will greatly reduce the drudgery involved and also complete the work in less time and is economically cheap. However, it was never introducing in India and hence a study on its performance is imperative to promote this technology. Soil filtering machine driven by tractor will thus introduce mechanized farming to reduce man power & time for each harvest. Thus, a soil filtering machine was design and developed which is driven by small tractor (less than 30HP). It is connected with the three-point hitch at the back of tractor. Power to run the device was taken from PTO shaft of tractor. The trans mission system was from PTO to oscillating net by, bevel gear box, shaft andpulleys. Computerized model of the machine was designed in Dassault Systems CATIA V5. The device was tested on the field with various advance speed.

Keywords: Potato, Small tractor, Soil filtering, Design inCATIA.