Abstract: In this work an review and recent progress of PTFE and various fillers. PTFE is a thermoplastic polymer, which is a white solid at room temperature, with a density of about 2200 kg/m3. Its melting point is 600 K .Owing to its low co-efficient of friction. it is used for applications where sliding action of parts is needed: plain bearings, gears, slide plates, etc. The wear behaviour of polytetrafluroethylene filled with filler particles was studied on a pin on disc test rig. Solid lubricant composite materials were prepared by compression moulding technique. The parameters considered for the study were applied load, sliding speed and sliding distance and weight percentage of fillers. The experimental results indicate that the weight loss increases with increasing load, sliding speed and sliding distance, as expected. Sliding distance has more effect on weight loss followed by applied load. The dominant interactive wear mechanisms during sliding and its composites are discussed in this paper. The above four factors are selected on the basis of Effect–Cause analysis and literature survey.

Keywords: polytetrafluroethylene (PTFE), Friction, Pin on Disc,