Abstract: Many farmers face the problem regarding low back pain. This is an important factor which affects the health of population. The Parliament of the European Community agreed that there should be some limiting exposure action values for health and safety requirements of exposure of workers for the risks from vibration. Many studies show that whole body vibration is responsible for low back pain and it can happen to any group of polpulation. Most of the tractor drivers complain about low back pain more than non-tractor drivers. In the present study, we collected data using FFT Analyzer. We attached the accelerometer below the driver seat of tractor by confirming to ISO standards. Then post analysis has been conducted in terms of rms accelerations & compared with ISO standards where it shows that measured values exceeded the health norms of ISO standards. The tractor seat is modified by passive type of suspension system for reducing vibration magnitude. Again tests were carried out on farm terrain for different accesories. The use of modified seat reduces the vibration amplitude within ‘health guidance zone’ specified by ISO 2631-1 in all farm terrains.

Keywords: LBP, ISO, FFT analyzer, rms accelerations, vibration amplitude.