Abstract: The present experimental study work is aimed at developing a new material for industrial application from product quality and identification surveying sugar factory from nearby areas. It is from that conventional bearing material (gun metal) leads to high wear rate as well as high coefficient of friction. Now a day gun metal is widely used by bearing material but problem with that composite. It subjected to high wear rate that can reduce. Influences of test speed and load values on the friction and wear behaviour of PEEK composite. Friction and wear experiment wear run under ambient condition in a pin-on-disc arrangement. PEEK and its composites used in this investigated the friction coefficient decreases with the increasing load PEEK and composite showed a very low friction coefficient and wear rate increase in the normal applied load sliding distance decreases wear rate. While increasing applied load and sliding distance decreases wear rate with a PEEK and PTFE composite he coefficient of friction is decreases but the trends in wear performance is differ. The specific wear rate PEEK and PTFE composite inclusion followed wear rate continuously decreases for selecting composite. Worn surface wear investigated the friction coefficient and wear rate of PEEK composite decreases gradually with addition of fillers.

Keywords: Wear, Friction, Journal Bearing, PEEK Composite.