Abstract: Natural fibers are being increasingly used to substitute artificial fibers in composites. It is important to know how the mechanical properties of these natural fiber composites are compare with those of the traditional fiber composites. The traditional fiber composites are currently being used in many applications that may not require such high-strength materials a lower strength jute fiber composite may be adequate. Natural fiber composites are currently being used in most automobile applications. The aim of this research is to determine whether these natural fiber composites possess the mechanical properties that would allow them to be used in same automobile interior applications.Here the polypropylene and jute fiber composites and polypropylene wood stock composites are fabricated through compression molding. The parts are tested for tensile test, flexural test, impact test, heat deflection temperature test flammability and water absorption test through four numbers of specimens (ASTM standards). The J-PP composite found to be better than that of WS-PP composites against all physico-mechanical properties.

Keywords: Jute-PP, Woodstock-PP, Compression molding.