Abstract: Surface texturing is feasible option of surface engineering which results in improvement of tribological properties like coefficient of friction, wear resistance, load carrying capapcity etc.In this work attention is given to investigate the effect of surface texturing on tribological properties of polymer composite materials. It also consider effect of various conditions so as to observe the comparative friction and wear behavior of Polymer composite with surface texturing on mating surface under varying loads at varying velocity by using different wear tester like Pin-on-disk tribometer, Ring-on-disc friction testing, needle friction test etc. The test will be carried out for composite materials like Polyamide composites, PTFE composites, HDPE polyblends etc. in dry and wet condition. In this work AISI SS 304 stainless steel disc having surface textured pattern on it will be used as counterpart surface and tests will be carried out at ambient conditions.

Keywords: Surface Texturing, Tribology, Dimples, Polyamide, HDPE, Wear, Friction