Abstract: Gearing is one of the most critical components in a mechanical power transmission system and in most industrial rotating machinery. In addition, the rapid shift in the industry from heavy industries such as ship building to industries such as automobile manufacture and office automation tools will necessitate are fined application of gear technology. Using the modal models design improvement can be predicted and the structure optimized. This project is not only to review the test procedure and system identification of modal analysis but discuss the main practical problems with which engineers, performing modal analysis on industrial structures are confronted on a daily basis. FEA has been used to predict the dynamical properties of the gear. Experimental modal analysis has been carried out to determine the natural frequencies of spur gear due to change in material properties. The followed approach based on the modal analysis concept. As gears are important elements in a variety of industrial or commercial applications such as machine tool, vehicles and turbines. Objective of this investigation is to reduce weight of gear. Weight reduction has been one the critical aspects of any design. It has substantial impact on vehicle performance, fuel efficiency and in turn reduces the emissions.

Keywords: Spur gear, modal analysis, natural frequencies, weight reduction.