Abstract: The shock mounts are designed to withstand harsh environments, shock and vibration. Shock mounts are different elements to connect two units or to install one unit into a system. The design of these shock mounts is a result of the development considering the space, the technical characteristics and requirements (load, frequencies, amplitudes, maximum load, etc.) as well as the surrounding conditions. Finite Element Analysis plays important role in structural safety of machine components. Prior estimation of stress levels prevents catastrophic failure of structure. The earlier techniques of prototype testing using destructive techniques are replaced by computer based simulation. Due to the advances in Finite Element Techniques with fast processing computers, the designer has the flexibility of selecting suitable mechanism and material for the optimum design. Present work is on the shock absorber system used to safeguard the CPU frame of the Aircraft. The system is made of number of components, modeling is done in Catia-V5 and meshing is done in Hypermesh. Theoretical calculations have been carried out for the design. The shock loads will be applied on the system to check the stress condition. Based on the response improvements will be represented for comparison. Various shock mount configuration will be discussed in the project to select the best possible shock absorber system.