Abstract: The focus of the review paper is effect of lay-up angles on the vibrational frequencies of the GFRP plates. Lightweight materials and design have always been an important topic in product design across several industries. Composite material gives chances to designers and engineers to increase material efficiency, therefore resulting in cost reduction and better utilization of resources. Composites materials applications are wide in aerospace industries, automobile sector; manufacturing industries etc. study involves extensive experimental works to investigate the free vibration of woven E-fiber Glass/Epoxy composite plates in fix-free boundary conditions. The specimens of woven E-glass fiber and epoxy matrix composite plates are manufactured by the hand-lay-up technique which is most suitable and efficient manufacturing technique for composite manufacturing. Lay-up angles selected for the study are (0-90), (60- -30) and (45- -45) and two different aspect ratios plates 1 and 1.5 are selected for study. Manufacturing, experimental investigation will be performed on the samples and FEA analysis will be performed on the models of the plates.

Keywords: GFRP, Composite Material, Weight Reduction, Vibration Frequencies.