Abstract: Lithium barium borate phosphor (LiBaBO3) doped with rare earth elements 0.02Er3+ and 0.08Yb3+ has been synthesized by solution combustion technique. For the first time Upconversion phenomenon was investigated in the samples at fixed concentration of rare earth dopants Er3+ and Yb3+. Study shows that the synthesized materials emits in visible region after excitation in Infrared region. LiBaBO3:0.02Er3+,0.08Yb3+ shows the absorption in infrared region ie 820 nm to 1080 nm and at 545nm, 656nm respectively. At the excitation of 980 nm it shows the emission peakings at 590 nm and 596 nm. Upconversion mechanism was investigated in detail and attributed to the efficient resonant energy transfer from Yb3+ to Er3+ ions in this host material. Our results suggest a potential borate phosphor for Natrium Yellow and Amber upconversion phosphor.

Keywords: Lithium barium borate phosphor; Upconversion; Rare earth dopants; Solution combustion synthesis.