Abstract: The researchers are advanced in doing lots of work in the area of image compression. Fractal image compression needs lots of mathematical computation to compress an image. It is a lossy compression method with asymmetric process in which it takes more time in compression of an image than decompression. In this paper new technique is implemented to increase the speed of fractal image compression. The method using fast search strategies using proposed modified Firefly Algorithm with parallel sorting of blocks for fractal image compression is implemented. The purpose of the work is to overcome the drawback of fractal image compression which is the increased encoding time, the various speed up terms like compression ratio (CR), peak signal to noise ratio (PSNR), and encoding time. The test outcome on color and RGB images indicates a definite reduction in computational time and also achieving a faster encoding process. The experimental work done in this work proves that the proposed improved Firefly algorithm gives the best performance.

Keywords: Encoding, Firefly, Fractal image compression, Compression ratio.