Abstract: Wireless Sensor Network technology has been one of the most transforming and empowering technologies in recent years. . In wireless sensor network data is transmitted through multihop communication to the sink. Data aggregation is a well-known method in WSN and it is a procedure of collecting and aggregating the data from multiple sensors to eliminate redundant transmission and provide combined information to the base station. This process proceeds for many rounds in collecting these data efficiently that is to reduce the energy cost of data transmission. Conventionally tree-based structured approach is a basic operation for periodically sensing and collecting reports from all sensors nodes and sends it to the sink. Though tree based approach is more efficient way in transferring the data to the sink. It can find the shortest path between the leaf nodes and sink for transmitting the data in order to reduce the energy utilization. It is been known that this paper proposes two algorithms such as Angular Query Region Division Routing Algorithm and Query Region Division Routing Algorithm with LEACH. In Angular algorithm data aggregation protocol are used for sensing and collecting the data. In LEACH, clustering approach is used for collecting the data. This algorithms focus on two problems such as lifetime extension and energy consumption. The experimental results of the two algorithms are illustrated with below using ns2 simulation.

Keywords: Multihop communication; tree structure; Query Region Division Routing; LEACH.