Abstract: Aluminium based composites with the addition of SiC and Alumina was successfully achieved with stir casting process. It has been observed that stir formed Al alloy LM 6 with SiC/Al2O3 reinforced composites is superior to base Al alloy LM 6 in terms of tensile strength, Impact strength and hardness. It has been observed that there is an improvement in the hardness of the developed composite which is due to dispersion of SiC/Al2O3 particles. It has been concluded that maximum value of Tensile strength of 238 N/mm2, Impact strength of 7.09 Nm and hardness of 131VHN was obtained by combination of 2% Silicon carbide and 2% of Aluminium oxide when mixed in AMC.

Keywords: AMC, SiC, Al2O3, Stir casting.