Abstract: A Psychrotrophic bacterium producing cold active protease upon growth at low temperature was isolated from soil of Gangotri glacier identified as Bacillus sp. Out of the ten selected protease producing isolates the best one BBPRT-7 was further characterized on the basis of their morphological and biochemical characterization as given in Bergey’s Manual of Systematic Bacteriology. The bacterial strain BBPRT-7 showed maximum activity at ph 10.0 and temperature 20°C. These Cold-active proteases are generally characterized by high-catalytic efficiencies at lower temperature and lower thermal stability. These cold active proteases have enormous implications in industry. Bacterial alkaline proteases are of great importance due to its wide spectrum applications in detergent industries, bioremediation, food industries, and leather processing, bio-film degradation, pharmaceuticals industry, meat tenderizers, protein hydrolyzates. As per our study isolate BBPRT-7 may have applications in detergent industry.

Keywords: Psychrotrophic, Protease, Gangotri, Bacteria.