Abstract: This paper presents an alternative to traditional CAPTCHA methods used on the Web. The CAPTCHA methods allow differentiating between human users and automated algorithms, as a security service for information websites. The traditional CAPTCHA methods use some type of Optical Character Recognitions (OCR) on images. In this work some concepts related to interactive human testing are presented, subsequently developing and proposing a new CAPTCHA method, based on the identification of sectioned graphic images. The new method is compared with the traditional one based on OCR and a comparative analysis of the two methods is presented. A group of users assess the usability of the new method after interacting with a system incorporating a traditional OCR CAPTCHA method and other with the new method not based on OCR. The results show that the proposed method is more pleasant for users; besides, this new method has been made available for public use.

Keywords: CAPTCHA, OCR, Graphics, Usability.