Abstract: It is possible to discuss Gaudí's various productions and to study them from a certain perspective, not only within the boundaries of personal interests in those works from the structural aspect, but also due to that being a pointer for solving current problems i. When inspecting those works we may identify the concepts that all of Gaudí's productions are based on. In fact, many architects today, especially those interested in the topics of the new pioneer movement, in addition to the general public, have shown increasing interests, as Gaudí's connecting points are linked with the majority of studies today in many countries. They have noticed, for example, the role of manual production and participation themes. In addition, the aesthetic research results for Gaudí contain many motivations that we feel that are still considered to be fertile, which lead us to rediscover him again and again. We shall discover that there is a renewable request to this manual artistic aspect, or in other words, the manual culture that can be observed in many fields of design. Now we will studying one of the most important works by Gaudi in architecture and interior design (Casa Batallo).

Keywords: Gaudí's, Architecture, Interior Design, Casa Batallo, Manual Culture.