Abstract: Energy and Exergy analysis of an Air-Conditioning plant which is running for the last four and half year is presented in this paper. This plant is actually a demonstration project installed by Thermax and Ministry of New and Renewable Energy at National Institute of Solar Energy for research purpose. Triple effect vapor absorption chiller is utilized to produce cooling and the input heat is provided by solar energy with the help of parabolic trough collector. Mathematical modeling of vapor absorption chiller is done for formulating the required relations for evaluation. Energy and exergy balance equations of chiller are clearly presented. The results of analysis of chiller shows that the two heat exchangers, (HX I) and (HX II) are the biggest source of exergy destruction, destroying 16.40 % and 8.60 % of exergy respectively. Deviating from the previous published results in literature, absorber is not the component where maximum exergy is destroyed. The components that need to be optimized are the three generators. The COP is also calculated from energy balance and it comes out to be 1.27. Exergetic efficiency of chiller obtained is 9.2 %.

Keywords: Energy, Exergy, Generator, Heat exchanger, Triple effect.